Figuren Zeichnen 2






Wir zeichneten Models und ihre Grundrisse um die Anatomie und die Körperhaltung zu verstehen.

Planet Black and White

Black and white Sports photography – focus on skiing and mountains.

I love when the sky is an absolute dark color and when it appears as though we are moving through a strange planet. I love me some sci-fi in my sports photography ;)

Lightopia Zwischenpräsentation

Für die Semesterarbeit im Modul Mediengestaltung bekamen wir das Projekt «Lightopia». Bei dem Projekt geht es darum aktiv eine Werbekampagne für die Ausstellung «Lightopia» im Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein (D) zu erstellen.


Nach dem ersten Feedback durch unseren Dozenten, Herrn Besset, haben sich meine Kollegin Christina Brun und ich uns entschieden, unsere Entwürfe nochmals zu überarbeiten.


Nach der Zwischenpräsentation unserer Entwürfe können wir sagen, dass wir mit dem Ergebnis soweit zufrieden sind und uns für weitere Absprachen und die finale Ausarbeitung zurückziehen werden.


Wir haben uns für die Variante Nummer zwei entschieden und werden diese überarbeiten.


Ein weiteres Arbeitsupdate wird in den kommenden Tagen folgen.


plakat3 plakat2





Animated Photography Reel / Super Slow Motion

I have long toyed with the idea of filming my friends skiing in super slow motion to get that epic sensation of flight and movement.

However, I can’t afford a super high tech RED or anything the like that could possibly produce such awesome Images.

So I went the cheap mans way:


It’s not 100% the result I wanted but i find the result unbelievably fun and I will work on this reel with more skiiing photography and expand it as time goes.

Credit to After Effect and Premiere Pro.

Don’t Let Go: A short film

Finally my film has been released in a finalized form. The sound editing was clearly the hardest part and I am still learning in that regard.

I realize the film is not without its flaws, however it was my first film completely done by myself, everything from writing, storyboard, filming, editing (and well… sound) light and directing.

When you have a project like this at hand where you are solely responsible for every single part of it (except the acting, which I have to say my climbers did in a really effective way considering they have never acted on camera before either) you realize which parts of filmmaking appeals most to you. So in a way I would call this a ‘Feuertaufe’, which is german and means ‘baptism by fire’.

Had I not had my amazing friends with me on set I would probably not have been able to finish it as I did.

Edited in Adobes Premiere Pro.

View it through my schools production blog here:

or on my Vimeo account here:

Körper Zeichnen

Wir lernen Menschen zu zeichnen, dies ist nicht die spezifischie Hausaufgabe, aber ein paar doodles zum Thema Körper zeichnen.


Rider Portraits

I love to ski and I love to do it with people I admire for their personlaity and their skill.

I try to pair their portraits with action shots, to show the personality behind the powder slaying.
Usually the riders personality corresponds directly with their style of skiing. This is a personal project of mine trying to show the personality paired with their skiing.

First up: Christian Ammann of Valais, skiing telemark in fresh powder just off of the popular ski resort Portes du Soleil.
Christian Ammann is not big on portrait pictures and is a rather shy type of guy, it is probably not just due to the sun that I was not able to snap his photo wihtout his reflecting goggles. He expresses himself through his extremly progressive telemark riding. His style is aggressive, dynamic, smooth and completely opposite to his calm, friendly and down to earth demeanor.

Christian Ammi IMG_0800

Next, Chris Belometti of Ticino, skiing alpine in fresh powder just off Titlis in Engelberg.
Chris is a sunny, warm and open person. His roots are in the south of Switzerland, his mother tongue Italian. He laughs, smiles and will always greet you with a loud “CIAO” and a tight hug. His riding, like his attitude is light, springy and dynamic. His happy personality drifting into his riding style, which also transgresses into a precise and flowing style of skiing.

chrisportr chrisski

Francesca Riesch, affectionately named Kiki, is a free-spirit at heart. She loves the outdoors and skiing isn’t just an athletic activity for her, it’s a way to get out and in touch with nature! She’s quirky, she’s fun and she has a big heart. When skiing with her, you forget about your issues and you start to see the world through her eyes: A planet still untouched by man and ruled by earthy colors, soft contours in the snow and living beings all around you. Mind you, I might have described her as a total gaia-loving hippie; she’s not though! When she ski’s she’s serious business. Mindful and respectful to the nature around her, her style of skiing effortlessly coexists with her surroundings. All she leaves behind herself are her tracks and floating specs of powder.

portraitkiki kikitreeBW kikipoint




Wir mussten Photos von Gebäuden machen und die Winkel und Perspektiven einzeichnen.


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